Alpha Course

16 Jan 2019 | 07:15 pm



Why not come to an ALPHA Course at the Oasis Christian Centre in Beeston.


Some important questions you might have asked yourself:-

(1) What is the purpose of life?

(2) Is there more to life than this?

(3) What happens when we die?

(4) What relevance does Jesus have for our lives



If you would like to explore any of these questions

then ALPHA is for you.


ALPHA is a series of sessions over 11 weeks exploring

the Christian Faith.


Most sessions start with free food because it’s a great

way to get to know each other.


Then there is a 30min talk on various aspects of the

Christian Faith.


Finally, there is time for smaller groups in which

everyone can discuss any issues or questions they

have. No-one has to speak in the groups unless they

wish to.


Who is ALPHA for? It is for:-

-Non-Christians who are interested in investigating


-Christians who want to brush up on the basics of

the Christian Faith.



The next Alpha Course, which is free, meets weekly

on a Wednesday for 2 hours for 11 weeks.


The course starts at 7.15pm on Wednesday 16th January

2019 at the Oasis Christian Centre in Beeston. Access is

via the rear entrance on Union street, Beeston

NG9 2LU.



If you are interested then please join us on the

Alpha Course in January. If possible, please let us know

you are coming or just come along.


You can contact us on e-mail at or

on 07837105179.