National Day of Prayer Friday 13th November 2020

Dear Friends

This Friday (13 November), churches and Christians across the UK are

uniting together for the National Day of Prayer

– praying for our nations and our communities.  As a movement, Elim is joining with this day and we are asking our churches to commit to pray and fast throughout the day.

To help people pray, the Evangelical Alliance has published an outline

schedule for the day, along with a list of prayer ideas and these have

been added to our Elim Prayer website

Also, if you follow Elim Prayer on social media, you will see prayer updates throughout the day leading up to a live prayer event in the evening.


At the end of the National Day of Prayer, we will hold a united time

of prayer from 7pm to 8pm. This event will be live streamed on YouTube


and Facebook at

This prayer event will feature special guests and contributors from across the nations, together with worship led by Elim Sound. Both streams will have a live chat to interact and share your prayers as we join together in prayer.


 Read the full ‘Call to prayer’ article

on our website which includes a proposed schedule for the day and share it with your church to encourage them to come together for this important day of prayer. The article also includes some prayer resources and promotional graphics.

We are so stirred by the growing evidence of God moving us into a new

place of faith for breakthrough. So over the next few days, please

would you spread the word and consider how your church family can

in on Friday.

Every blessing – Chris Cartwright

  General Superintendent

   Sarah Whittleston – Elim Prayer