Oasis Newsletter Sunday 5th July 2020

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“If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

From The Pastor’s Desk…..

The other day Jill got a cartoon style picture through on her WhatsApp. Some of these have been very enlightening during Lockdown! This one was particularly inspiring….Jesus and Satan were sat at a table. Satan said, “Jesus, I’ve closed all of your churches.” Jesus looked at Satan with a smile, and said, “No you haven’t, I’ve opened a church in every home!”
I know that we all miss not being physically together at the moment, Zoom meetings, phone and WhatsApp conversations help to encourage us in our faith. Across the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be preached. Jill (Yates) had a picture of a camp fire with everyone around it and one day we will celebrate together again in that way. But this picture also portrayed, in the background fire flies, darting to different locations bringing light. That is where we are at right now, in our homes, communities bringing the light of Christ wherever we are.
“Don’t dig out in doubt what you planted in faith.” Elizabeth Elliott.

I have attended many Zoom Meetings. Last week I was enlightened by the Nottingham Ministers Prayer Group. We need to pray for our City of Nottingham. I know that Beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote nor Toton are included within the City boundaries but we need to pray for own locality and for Nottingham. David Mellen, The Leader of the City Council is a Christian. The Lord told him that he, like Esther, has been brought to this position for such a time as this. He covets our prayers as he carries so much responsibility along with the Team and fellow Councillors.
Here are a few Prayer Pointers:-

* Nottingham is the 11th most deprived City in England. Currently services are really stretched and the financial pressure is huge.
* There are plans to build 1,000 new Council/Social Houses. Currently 8,800 are on the waiting list.
* New Library on Colin Street is being built.
* The New College is being built as is the Broadmarsh Car Park.
* Broadmarsh and Victoria Centre are in trouble. Intu has gone into administration. The Broadmarsh development has been scrapped.
* There are plans for the City to be carbon neutral by 2028.
* Pray for the Young People and Children and opportunities for them to reach their full potential.
* Cutting of knife and drug related crime.
* Covid 19 has brought challenges to Adult Services and Care Homes. 18,000 people shielding have either had a phone call or a knock on the door by support staff, many of whom are now working from home.
* Loss of income from Theatre Royal, Trade Waste, Car parks, Government. There are going to be Voluntary Redundancies.
*Recent challenges have included facing up to the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry Findings, with a pledge to Keep Children safe.
* The Business Benefits that HS2 will bring.

Please continue to pray for the area that you live in. As we walk, let’s Pray – Blessing Upon The Land and The People. David King an Ambassador for The Gather Network left me with some thoughts to ponder:-

“God never created Waste Ground.” i.e. All ground has God Given Potential
“Every City Is Unique – Gifted By God To Be Different.”
“Pray and Speak Words Of Life!”
“Get Godly Wisdom, Understanding, Know His Ways, Be Full of Beautiful Treasures!” Proverbs 24:3 & 4 “By Wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”
“We Often Talk About Pastoring Churches But We Need To Begin To Think In Terms Of Shepherding The City.”

Prayer Update from Alan Haigh:-
My current (4th and final) cycle of chemotherapy ends on Thursday 9th July. On Friday 10th July I have a follow up CT scan (at 5.40pm). Key points for prayer regarding the scan are (1) that the chemotherapy has successfully reduced the size of the tumour in the bowel (this will make the next operation easier), (2) that there has been no further spread into other organs and (3) that there is no change in the lesions on the lungs (this would indicate that these are not cancerous). Thank you all for your continued prayers and support as we continue on this journey.
Alan and Alison.

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