October Newsletter 2021

 October 2021 from the Pastor’s Desk…..

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. This verse comes from the middle of a passage of how we should interact with one another. It’s a beautiful passage that if put into practice by the people of God, it would have a profound effect on the body of Christ. How many times have we heard about fallings out within the Church where people cannot reconcile their differences?

But this verse commends us to be a people of love. Because when we have deep community with one another that is built on God’s love, we can forget some of the smaller inconveniences and annoyances that come with being human. It means we should pour out divine grace on one another. I get a sense of that here at Beeston Oasis and we cannot be a safe space in the community for the community without people, a people who are freely pouring our love and grace on each other and anybody who walks through the door.

As we start this new season for my family and for us a church family, can I request that you pour out this love on us as a double portion? I certainly have no plans for sins and transgressions, but I cannot promise you that I won’t make mistakes whilst I journey with you all as the Lead Pastor of Beeston Oasis. But I can promise that I will spend time with God and listen to his voice, I can promise that I will make decisions for what I feel are the right things to do and not out of  selfish ambition and I can promise that I will serve the Church wholeheartedly.

I am thankful for what has come before me, years and years, decades upon decades, in fact, of faithful Pastors who have followed the call of God for their own lives and also for the life of the Church.

Also for a beautifully warm welcome, Saturday, at our induction service. For us, it was such a special day. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Your kind words and gifts meant so much to us.

We are thankful to the Servants Council for their support, wisdom and friendship.

Personally, I am extremely thankful for Sharon who is doing an incredible job as the Church Administrator. I think I would be in the wilderness if she wasn’t around!

I am so excited to journey with, to deepen and strengthen our relationship with God together, to share our lives with one another and to be a people of influence within our community together.

Every Blessing, Pastor Ryan

Message from Pastor Nigel & Jill and Abbie

As a family we wanted to thank you for your Kindness to us as we said, “Farewell” to the Oasis Christian Centre, Beeston.

Thank you for your Generosity in Words, Cards, Letters, Gifts and Expressed Support.

We will continue to pray for you and the work of Oasis as you move into the future, and we appreciate your remembering us in your prayers.

With Love, and Every Good Wish,

Pastor Nigel, Jill and Abbie.

Sunday 3rd October

10.30am      Communion Service: Pastor Ryan preaching                                                                “Going for Growth: Training”

Tuesday 5th

12.15pm                 Luncheon Club

7.30pm                   Carol’s Homegroup

Wednesday 6th

10am           Wednesday Fellowship: led by Jeff Plackett                                                                 “Blessed is he who comes in the name of Jesus.”

Sunday 10th

10.30am   Morning Celebration: Pastor Ryan preaching                                                               “Going for Growth: Trimming and Pruning”

Tuesday 12th

12.15pm    Luncheon Club

7.30pm    Homegroup (see Sharon for details)

Wednesday 13th

10am         Wednesday Fellowship:                                                                                                     “Jesus the Author and Perfector of our Faith.”

Saturday 16th

QUIZ Night raising funds for ‘Operation Christmas Child.’  Here at Oasis Christian Centre, Beeston – 6.30pm for 7pm start.  Tickets £5 per person.  Teams of 4 to 8 players of any age.  Entry price includes a chip cob for supper and soft drinks.  Prebooked Ticket Entry Only, numbers             restricted: please phone church office (0115) 9255463

Sunday 17th

10.30am   Communion Service: Pastor Ryan preaching                                                               “Going for Growth: The Trials of Life”

Tuesday 19th

12.15pm    Luncheon Club

7.30pm    Carol’s Homegroup

7.30pm    Homegroup

Wednesday 20th

10am         Wednesday Fellowship: “Names of Jesus”

Sunday 24th

10.30am      Morning Celebration: Pastor Ryan preaching                                                              “Going for Growth: Travelling the Journey”

Tuesday 26th

12.15pm                No Luncheon Club today

7.30pm                 Homegroup

Wednesday 27th

10am         Wednesday Fellowship: “Jesus The Redeemer”

Sunday 31st

10.30am   Morning Celebration: Pastor Ryan preaching