Outline of message from Sunday 26th June 2016  – Preached by Pastor Nigel Yates

(Technical problems prevented the recording)


We are excited about “The path of Transition” that we are on and we seek to “Lift Jesus up!” as we “Walk with God.”

The definition of “Transition” include: re-adjustment, development and transformation.


I first need to set the scene for this message. It came to me as I was ministering in Guyana and in particular as I travelled back.

I read Genesis 11:31 – a very challenging verse!

“Terah took his son Abram, his grandson Lot, son of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, the wife of his son Abram, and together they set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to Canaan. But when they came to Harran, they settled there.”


I always get a little uptight about returning home from a ministering trip or holiday. Battling thoughts always attack my mind – often centred around my abilities; the unknown of what’s happened when I’ve been away….. Whether I can choose to pay the price for fulfilling God’s will in the coming season…..

There is a temptation to settle!

The very good is often the enemy of God’s very very best for us!

Many have settled, as Terah did for what looked very good.

The path of transition is not an easy path.

We packed our cases and left our hotel in Georgetown, Guyana for Ogle airport.  We arrived there to be told that our plane had left 2.5 hours early! We had not been informed!  We had to be rescheduled to fly that afternoon to Barbados. Our 5 hour turn around becoming half an hour.  Baggage would be left in Barbados but we could walk from our LIAT (Leave Island Any Time) flight to the Virgin flight.  We knew this would be tight and we didn’t like the sound of “Your luggage will catch up with you in the days to come!”

As we were waiting for our flight to Barbados we had an announcement, “we apologise to passengers on flight LI512, your plane has been delayed” ….long story short….. We were unable to make our connection and we were to be hosted overnight in the Golden Sands Hotel, near Oisten. I was to be given a suite, overlooking the swimming pool and sea!

After a good night’s sleep I sat on the verandah with my Bible and notebook, it was 28 Celsius at 6am in the morning. I re-read Genesis 11:31 and thought “it would be good to settle here – I’ll bring Jill, my wife, and Abbie, my daughter and settle out here!”


On Saturday 9th July we are taking part in Beeston carnival and our theme is “His eye is on the Sparrow.” As I sat on the verandah a small bird, like a sparrow, came and sat on the ledge and sang its song…. Peace came into my heart and mind as I sensed the Lord say “Nigel, don’t worry, as you continue to transition – you are worth more than many sparrows!”


  • Don’t Settle – Fruit, growth is God’s will.

Don’t settle spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally.

Grow in the will of God

During my travels I heard an Indian proverb:-

“Life is made up of …. 25 years of Learning, 25 years or Earning and 25 years of Returning!”


  • Don’t Settle – For anything less than God’s best.

God’s best doesn’t come from striving or performance. It flows from out of our resting in Him, releasing our good gifts through us.

The best is yet to come!

Even in our old age we can be evergreen!


  • Don’t Settle – Living off old testimonies.

This is a new day.

Fresh mercies are new every morning.

New experiences of Life “In, With and For” Jesus, living “zoe” – “God’s kind of Life”


  • Don’t Settle – Live Life Offensively, Not Defensively.

This does not mean negatively, aggressively or wrecklessly, but determinedly, progressively and positively.

Jesus says before you start building check you can complete the project.

Then don’t settle, live life to the full. In this day and this season.


  • Settle it – What has gone by – it’s history!

It has helped shape who we are… we’ve not been perfect… we’ve made wrong choices…. taken wrong turns… missed opportunities… thought “what might have been?”  STOP IT!

Be thankful for this path of transition.

Move on into writing today’s story! “Lifting Jesus up! Walk with God!”


  • Settle it – Forgive and Move on!

An unforgiving, judgmental spirit brings death and settling.


Be free in the love of God!

Let the Lord Vindicate – In his way and timing!


  • Settle it – Some people and things won’t change.

Jesus said to his 1st century disciples, “If they won’t receive my message – go to the edge of town, shake the dust out of your clothes, leave and move on in and with me!”

Don’t settle down with people who don’t want to move on and in God!


  • Settle it – develop sweetness!

Choice not chance determines our destiny!

Jesus talks a lot about attitudes.

But Jesus did not just talk about attitudes, he lived with God like attitude.

He turned the other cheek.

He choose not to talk at times.

“Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more!”

Sweetness…. “But they’ll take advantage of me!” they might, but put it on the Lord’s account.


  • Settle it – “Grace” is my song and I’ll sing it!

Barbados worked out great! A swim in the sea before breakfast…..

“We live life forwards, we understand it backwards!” Soren Kieregaard

Does it always turn out like Barbados? NO!

but when “Grace is my song and I choose to sing it” people are affected, encouraged and challenged by it.


  • Settle it – Let go and let God!

As we get older we are tempted to do the opposite!

But the only true security we have “Eternally” is in God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.


What will happen? What will we look like in a years’ time?

I don’t know BUT it is exciting to be….

On the “Path of transition – Lifting Jesus up! Walking with God!”


God Bless you