Beauty and the Beast

Last weekend, my daughter went to see Disney’s latest real-life update of an animated classic, The Beauty and the Beast. The movie has all the right ingredients and is already breaking box office records. The Beauty saves the Beast with her genuine love for him. The new movie also came up in conversation during our limitless Bible study last friday evening as we considered the crucifixion scenes in John’s gospel and Isaiah’s passage of the suffering servant. Here is the thought that dawned on us at the time….

 Jesus, our Beauty, saved us from the Beast (our sin). If our beastly lusts and our jealous prides and our crippling fears go unchecked they grow and morph to become monstrous, maybe inside and hidden from view but they are there and they grow.  As a Christian, our sin can sometimes feel beastly, like an alien part of us. It is a problem which cannot be fixed by ourselves, we need a Saviour, we need a Beauty.

 And this is where the lines in Isaiah 53 become beautiful. Jesus, our Beauty, “took up our pain … was pierced for our transgressions … was crushed for our iniquities … and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all”.  But that’s not all, there’s a happy ending, just like in a Disney movie. Isaiah 53:11 says that “after he (Jesus) has suffered he will see the light of life and be satisfied”. There’s a party in heaven because He is happy with the salvation He achieved on the cross and because you have let His Beauty transform your Beast. Now there is no Beast, only Beauty.

 If you get a chance this week, check out Delirious’ song “kiss your feet” and meditate on the words.


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